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Friends or More? (Book 1) ➳ Luke Hemmings

Friends or More? (Book 1) ➳ Luke Hemmings

10M Reads 251K Votes 49 Part Story
m By 5sosidk Completed

Victoria is best friends with Luke Hemmings, and doesn't know he has been hiding a secret from her. That he's in love with her. With her boyfriend,and Luke, plus 5 Seconds of Summer's popularity rising, will they stay friends or eventually be more?

Why would you write a book about Luke? He's an ugly looking giraffe... Ugh
Micheal getting his head burnt was obviously a PR stunt! It's obviously just so he has an excuse for his balding head.
eat_my_egg eat_my_egg Dec 09, 2016
This was the first book I read when I came on wattpad I think three years ago and I'm glad
yynlrr yynlrr Oct 29, 2016
türkçesi varken kit ingilizcesiyle bu kitabi okumaya çalışan ben sjdhsjsj
niamhpurvisisdead niamhpurvisisdead Oct 24, 2016
Um yes? Guess who just re-discovered the book they lost when they deleted their old account and has finally found it again and is going to re-read all four of the series? THIS GALLLL OVER HEREEEEEE
Why read a book about 5sos? They suck!! I absolutely hate them!!!  Lucke looks like a giraffe! Micheal is half bald! Callum is weird! Aston has girl hair!