Faking In Love [bxb]

Faking In Love [bxb]

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zoe golden By revolution_starter Updated Jul 19, 2017

Amir's always been the man with a plan. 

Efficient and always prepared, he didn't even flinch (much) when his college best friend Sebastian asked him to pretend that they were engaged so that his liberally insane grandfather would let him get a share of the inheritance.

He's got a fool-proof game plan on how to prove to Sebastian's family that they two of them are ridiculously in love.

But what he didn't anticipate was Sebastian's older brother Kiernan stepping into the picture.

Now there's a chance that all his carefully prepared plans might go to shit........

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1-800-bxb 1-800-bxb Mar 30, 2017
My friends say I'm too old for that show and I'm like: Bitch we're not even Legal adults yet! We're still teenagers and in this world that's called being a child!
LadyLotus56 LadyLotus56 Aug 26, 2017
This is one of the best descriptions I have ever read 😂😂
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justmesrilankan justmesrilankan May 06, 2016
This is my favorite type of story, I really like this model, where you find love in unexpected places like relatives of now people you love can't think of a better deal than that