Meeting the Marauders [ON HOLD]

Meeting the Marauders [ON HOLD]

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Bianca By iLoveFredandGeorge Updated Nov 12, 2012

Anthea Gray arrived at Hogwarts in the middle of the Marauders' seventh year with eyes of two different colors, the uncanny ability of knowing where every one of her classes is and the professors' names and Trouble as her shadow. With Dumbledore pulling her out of lessons for private reasons, she begins to spend more time out of class than in it.

That's what the Marauders want to find out: why? But they learn the hard way that some things are better left untouched.

(For those of you who read TDTA, this explains who Anthea Gray is. ;))

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Ineedacharger_update Ineedacharger_update Jul 22, 2017
I just give up on both of these stories. It's just too confusing
trashh- trashh- May 26, 2017
PREWETT! SHE RELATES TO THE THREE BROTHERS! Why does no one notice this stuff?
Multishipper_Queen Multishipper_Queen Dec 12, 2016
You do know that a patronus is kind of a DADA thing, right? I am not trying to offend you or anything, just stating
Multishipper_Queen Multishipper_Queen Dec 12, 2016
How is he going to be next to a Slytherin when they are in a class with only Gryffindor and Hufflepuff?
Chossenerest Chossenerest Oct 06, 2016
hmmm Grey, Greyback... is it just me or there might be some type of relationship between them... and how do pronounce her name, i have a really bad history with pronouncing names i called Hermione her-me-on for the first 3 books.
- - Aug 11, 2015
Hmm.................... AHA! I HAVE AN IDEA!!! SHE'S A POT- *author slaps hand onto my mouth and yells,"BE QUIET! YOU'RE GONNA RUIN THE STORY!"*