Billionaire's Innocent Bride

Billionaire's Innocent Bride

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ElsaQuinn By ElsaQuinn Updated Apr 24, 2018

What will you do when you find yourself walking towards the aisle with a beautiful gemstone made perfect wedding dress?

Of course you will be happy!

But here I'm walking towards my future husband with my arms around his grandfather. 

Who my husband is? I don't know. We never met nor talked, the only source of information I retrieved about him was by google and the hot pictures I've seen of his on it.

But still it didn't made me a slight bit happy knowing that I was marrying someone by force and not by my free will.

If it was in my hands I would have run away now but where will I go, whom will I seek? I've always compromised with my conditions and situations but this?! Marrying someone without even knowing them was something way too far, still I didn't back down, why? 

I know...

A busy girl with a confident spirit and a nerd added with fiery attitude offered nobody anything. She was happy to live in her own world, she was happy to live away from gossips and dramas, she was happy to stay out of the matters of friends even though she longed for one true friend but the one thing which scared her to bones was the idea of love!

That turns around when she falls for an handsome man but soon the tables turns around again as he is offered to someone else much to her dismay but she doesn't looses her cool and keeps up with her life, not caring that the man she loved with all her heart has left her for someone else.

In rage or anger or you can even call it envy and jealousy she makes a decision, a decision she didn't knew would give her life a complete twist. The gossips she hated once made her the new and hot topic of the whole town.

Struggling with life to fulfill her share she finds love, tackles betrayal and brushes of envy. 

But the world she is thrown in, exposes many lies, many secrets and many mistrusts but still in all of this she finally secures her true partner, her true love.

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PaigeCampbell484 PaigeCampbell484 May 11, 2018
There’s this one girl in my school who looked like the annoying orange
Fairy_Girl_06 Fairy_Girl_06 Jun 08, 2017
Little make up doesn't make you look fake. I think everybody uses make up.  I do, a little foundation and a lip gloss. It never looks fake.
Fairy_Girl_06 Fairy_Girl_06 Jun 08, 2017
😂😂 My little brother has more colorful words if I irritate or deliberately trouble him.
_kxng_qveen_ _kxng_qveen_ Sep 03, 2017
In my mind, when someone says how tall the guy is before they even speak, I'm like 
                              "How u know how tall he is??
                              U be stalkin or sum cuz I'm creeped out 😹😹
kittycat1959 kittycat1959 Feb 20, 2017
😱his cute girl ! Just  because you have a shi tty life style dont take it out on him xx b