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My Modern Kaidan

My Modern Kaidan

18.7K Reads 830 Votes 18 Part Story
K. Rodriguez By KRRodriguez Completed

Moving is hard. A new country.  New house.  New school.  On top of all that, Amaya Ego's new friends seem to be more interested in her dad, a famous manga artist.  Horror manga to be exact.

But when popular student Miyako goes missing, all eyes are really on Amaya's family, and not in a good way.  Now it seems like one of Ego-san's old mangas is coming to life, and Amaya just might be one of its victims.

cosmic_iridescence cosmic_iridescence Jun 21, 2016
It sounds really interesting so far ^^, I'm excited to read more hehe
thefakeswati thefakeswati Nov 06, 2016
Nice writing skills! 😊 The starting is good! I wanted to read a Japanese horror story! 😍 I'm so excited!!
eddielovesgaga eddielovesgaga Sep 18, 2016
I loved your story!!❤️ Can you please check out my both of my stories? Please be sure to vote and comment! Thanks!
jd_mcgregor jd_mcgregor May 07, 2016
Looking forward to next chapter! How often will you be updating??
Redpandaz18 Redpandaz18 Jun 08, 2016
Damn, I can't even write a decent first chapter... Anyways! This is really interesting for a first chapter, I think I'm gonna start reading this!
chaptermemories chaptermemories Sep 12, 2016
This is really good, I like Japan so the story is very interesting to me and all the manga-terror thing seems nice too. You're a good writer, btw. Keep going.