Sebastian Stan Imagines!

Sebastian Stan Imagines!

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Dacre 💜 By sebuckystan Updated Aug 02, 2017

I wanted to do this for a long time, but just never got around to doing it. You can request imagines by messaging me or commenting! 

Ranked #1 Seb Stan Imagine Book under Sebastian Stan Imagines
                  Sebastian Stan
                  Carter Baizen - Gossip Girl
                  Ben - The Apparition
                  Justin Capshaw - Law and Order
                  Lance Tucker - The Bronze
                  TJ Hammond - Political Animals
                  Jefferson/Mad Hatter - Once Upon a Time
                  •Enchanted Forest
                  Chase Collins - The Covenant
                  Chris Beck - The Martian
                  Bucky Barnes - Captain America
                  •Winter Soldier
                  •Post Winter Soldier
                  Jack Benjamin - Kings
                  Blaine - Hot Tub Time Machine
                  Leo - The Education of Charlie Banks
       STARTED: May 11th, 2016

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Disconnectedish Disconnectedish May 07, 2017
ThatMarvelLoser ThatMarvelLoser Jul 15, 2017
That's true, I mean, he like hacked my phone and made himself my wallpapers and put pictures of himself on my phone. AND, he is some weirdo since he makes me think about him 24/7
Buckysbooty Buckysbooty May 11, 2016
Thank you so much! These means so much, you have really cheered me up. ❤️
MrsEvanStan MrsEvanStan Jun 04, 2016
Please say that all of their last names are references to Tom Holland, Dean/Sam Winchester and Clint Barton...if not, I may cry 😢
fangirlin24_7 fangirlin24_7 Sep 18, 2016
im so done i was correct this whole time neVER MIND IM TRIGGERED
fangirlin24_7 fangirlin24_7 Sep 18, 2016
ironic af because there is a 5sos song called vapor and is quote is one of the song lyric hah