Years Later [Krisho]

Years Later [Krisho]

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✨PARK MINHA✨ By Payne-Clifford Updated Dec 24, 2016

Krisho with a bit of Sulay. 


Just a FYI there will be mentions of mpreg, cheating and there will be some badly written smut. 
You have been warned. 


Was I the only one who thought either luhans or minseok 
i actually like sulay but without knowing what happened with Kris makes me uncomfortable
Everybody is expecting someone else but I wanted Tao because he's the one who calls suho or well called suho mama the most and Kris was put as the dad. Originally it's just the three of them as a family
No no. It's krisho, kaisoo, hunhan, chanbaek (no one disagrees in this one), Xiuchen and we can just throw lay and Tao together because why not?
yixingist yixingist Dec 24, 2016 better. you already left once, don't do it again :'')
junmyeonist junmyeonist Dec 26, 2016
I was expecting sehun 😂😂😂 but its okay tao is ssssooooo adorable too!