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Destiel One Shots

Destiel One Shots

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Sunny By SunnyISawesommmmmeee Updated Oct 21, 2015

A bunch of sometimes smutty (okay most of the time) Destiel short stories.

Nook33 Nook33 Apr 21, 2016
I LOVE this where Dean is bottom and Cas is too and kinks too this I one of the best
ErikaDiaz7 ErikaDiaz7 May 15, 2016
I like how if you look at the times for the comments, we all read this in the middle of the night lol. But hot damn that was good
cattheneko cattheneko Apr 01, 2016
And to think... it all started with a back massage. XD *completely ignoring waterfall of blood rushing from nose*
Aninterestingwriter Aninterestingwriter Jul 16, 2016
Recent virgin?????????? He was recently a virgin yes but not like he recently became a Virgin- ya know
sarasyndrome sarasyndrome Jul 03, 2016
pHMYGOD I've been looking for this specific smut for days and I fINALLY FOUND HASNDKSK THIS IS GOLD
666MEME_LORD666 666MEME_LORD666 Jun 20, 2016
This beautifully written. The wording is precise. Great storyline, all the while still making it hot as hell. You are talented, love.