Sans X Reader OneShots !

Sans X Reader OneShots !

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• Rika • By Carmelia_Rika Updated Jul 19

Hey ! First time making FanFiction, i brought you Sans X Reader Oneshots, I do not own Undertale, it was Toby Fox and his team. I can't write smut, some sexual tension is OK though.  

If someone write smut for me and want me to publish it with their credits, I would love to !  

I really can't make a smut, even though i read many smuts '-' (poor author and her sins or sans ?). Hey so let's get started kay ?

Btw, i open requests !

All of this oneshots is For Female Reader
Like srsly, i can't write gayyyy 


My editors are : @kolluta1134 and @Melonway

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aulover1991 aulover1991 Apr 28
I didn't cried. But i was about to slead on drop of tears but i sip it back on and said "girls like me never cry!"
Maybe someone'll recognize that my profile pic is also a remake of one of Lazuen's works ^^
I didn't cry
                              My heart just felt like it was ripped apart and it was so hard too breath X but I'm fine now XD
Yes I have tears brimming my eyes 😅 well it was pretty good but....jeez I'm called heartless all the time so u got awesome writing skills is u can make me have tears in my eyes!!! Nice job!!!
90737las 90737las Sep 25
Thanks dude. I needed a good cry😢(that wasn't meant in a bad way)
AskError AskError Jul 16
for some reason the pictures remind me of Snow from Final Fantasy 13