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The Box (APH FanFiction)

The Box (APH FanFiction)

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Andy By aphandrea Completed


This is the story of a box. A box that makes two people, one who is in love, and the person who they are in love with, get sucked and then trapped inside of it. And the only way to get out? A kiss on the lips. So, what would happen if this box were to end up in the World Meeting room?   ~I do not own Hetalia~  PLEASE READ THIS:  This is a Hetalia parings request story! You can request a paring you want to get stuck in the box!  I repeat: YOU CAN REQUEST A PAIRING YOU WANT TO GET STUCK IN THE BOX!  Please do so in the comments or message me!  Additionally, you CAN request a person that's already been in the box, as long as they are with a new person! No repeats of the same pairing in the box unless I say so! Thank you!

I was just thinking "how many people are thinking about the Tardis?"
Okay, so this is either going to be UsUk or AmeCan, bur it'll probably be AmeCan based on the picture.
Tbh i hate AmeCan but this fic is way too hilarious for me to handle
Shalalalalala my oh my, looks like the boy too shy, he ain't gonna KISS DE KARL (Karl means guy in German, and it flows better in the song)
Wait Canada still had to get out of the box with Murica in his arms
It's an inverse tardis! Is this time lord technology too? IT'S SMALLER ON THE INSIDE!!!