Complications- Nick x Judy COMPLETED]

Complications- Nick x Judy COMPLETED]

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Nick strolled down the sidewalk. He was 12 and had just got out of school. Nick was walking home peacefully when he rounded a corner. He bumped into something in front of him. Nick looked in front of him and there stood a tiger, a rhino, and a kangaroo. Nick froze and his ears dropped to his head. The animals in front of him were actually the biggest bullies in school. Or in his grade at least. 

"Hello Nicky" The tiger smirked. Nick turned and ran. The animals gave chase and were gaining on him. Nick slipped through a hole in a chain linked fence in an alley. Two of the animals climbed the fence but the third was mysteriously gone. Nick continued to run, throwing things to block his pursuers path. Then something hit Nick from the front and he was sent sprawling. Nick flew back a foot and clutched his ribs. His nose was bleeding and his shirt was ripped now. The rhino was in front by of him. Nick looked up terrified. 

The kangaroo and tiger surrounded Nick. "W-what do you guys want fr...

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MrWolfCraft MrWolfCraft Jan 29, 2017
115° (Fahrenheit I assume)?! He should be dead by now! Especially if he has a weak immune system.
Anonymous420blazeit Anonymous420blazeit Jul 02, 2016
Hey i really liked this chapter! You guys should check out a story I've been writing, it would help a lot! Thanks!
staetus- staetus- May 05, 2016
I've been waiting for this for literally my whole life. Amazing.
FortuitousPercent FortuitousPercent Jun 13, 2016
I haven't read your first one shot :( but this one is impressive man!