the art of seduction → bbh.pcy

the art of seduction → bbh.pcy

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birthday gaaal! 💥 By urbandk Completed

temptation, seduction, possession, obsession. 

- chanbaek, smut, angst, bxb, mpreg, r-18.
+ lowercase intended.

05/09/16 - 07/09/16, editing.

chnbaekqt chnbaekqt Jun 18
Hi! Do you mind if I translate this to our language? If that's okay with you.
aboatdrems aboatdrems Sep 06
Okay but on a serious note baeks body is really feminie from the back but in the front you see these monster abs and youre just like WOAH WHERE DID THOSE COME FROM?!
WillaMeets WillaMeets Aug 19
Im confused by the whole greek god thing bc... hes asian and im p sure the greeks were whIte
me contemplating when puberty is going to strike and make me look hot. it worked out for baekhyun, better work out for me.