The girl with the dragon wings (Hiccup x reader) [COMPLETED]

The girl with the dragon wings (Hiccup x reader) [COMPLETED]

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[BOOK 1/2]

You are your average fangirl, but an outcast to your family. 
Your mother died when you were just 3 months old. Your father thinks you are the reason she died and hates your guts. 
But with the help of your fathers constant yelling, it gave you the motive to runaway. 
So one day you take a risk that will change your life forever.
Next stop, Berk.

Something happened when you arrive, you have wings, night fury wings to be exact. One thing leads to another, and you and Hiccup are on the run. You take him to his mother where you both move in at the dragons sanctuary. 
The question is, whats happens when Berk find out Hiccup is missing? 
Will they not care? Will they freak out? Who knows really. 

But on the upside, you get to hang out with Hiccup, your life long crush and who knows maybe, he has feelings for 

He sat in silence, deep in thought looking for a solution. 


He looked up at me with worry in his eyes.

"I'm scared..."


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