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"What? Simon?! Are you kidding me?" He yelled. 

Harry Styles, the curly head of One Direction, had the life of a superstar. He was a part of the biggest boyband in the world and soon he also changed to a person with the biggest ego ever.  The band's success was overwhelming and so was the handsome Harry. But what if his manager, Simon Cowell, gets fed up with his sudden behavior and he wants Harry as the normal, cheeky lad back, he once was. 

"I hope you are a good actor Marcel." Simon smirked, handing him his glasses. 

[highest ranking #1 (Teen Fiction)]
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britishtay britishtay Aug 11
Debby plays Bailey who's at first hugely disliked by London and is now playing London
I don't remember if I've read this but I think i have so #rr
This Book Is Awesome already and I didn't even get a page in
Marcie4321 Marcie4321 Jul 22, 2016
Searches my name and I find Harry Fanfics... I guess I have a unique name....
BrendaV16 BrendaV16 Sep 09, 2015
I love the trailer, that would definitely make a good movie by how you describe the book.
LitlLambYixingZouzou LitlLambYixingZouzou Jul 30, 2015
The story seems to be amazing, but too bad that it's a girlxboy