More than Friends || JIKOOK

More than Friends || JIKOOK

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I got Jikooked. By rjneedsjesus Completed

Jungkook and Jimin have been childhood friends since little. 

But when Jungkook gets a serious girlfriend, things started to change. 

And so does Jimin's heart. 

"Is it possible for you to look at me as more than just your best friend, Jeon Jungkook?"


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xsxini xsxini Dec 26, 2017
I just had this gush of knowledge on what's abt to go down in this book
ImNotSupposedToBeMe ImNotSupposedToBeMe Nov 27, 2017
yo yo u want ur neck to be that yoyo? roll around the ground as i choke u m8
KenzalynPark KenzalynPark Nov 28, 2017
Me and bestfriend I be like "Sophia sorry I have no more chocolate"she be like "bish I know there's more in that pink ass bag of yours"I be like"that why your my best friend
silvcre silvcre Jan 07
do you mean rayeon with a girl?
                              did they cook the girl too??