More than Friends || JIKOOK

More than Friends || JIKOOK

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JKOOK 제이꾹 By rjloveskpop Completed

Jungkook and Jimin have been childhood friends since little. 

But when Jungkook gets a serious girlfriend, things started to change. 

And so does Jimin's heart. 

"Is it possible for you to look at me as more than just your best friend, Jeon Jungkook?"


50shadesofparkjimin 50shadesofparkjimin Sep 27, 2016
I'm jimin tbh. I hate it when the house is dirty. And if some lazy as disrioys
Finding_Jikook Finding_Jikook Sep 26, 2016
imma bout to spam you lmao I'm already in love with this story
yoongiinfiresmyass yoongiinfiresmyass Aug 31, 2016
it reminded me of the weekend when i was at my moms "friend" house and Then I went to her room and there was a used pad on the floor, istg that was the worst day of my life
Unknown_me9164 Unknown_me9164 Nov 15, 2016
Jimin is a gay?!?!?!?! What does it mean? I don't get it really, please someone explain this😑😑😑
LorenaAnime LorenaAnime Feb 13
*flips a table* NO
                              *flips another table* NOOO
                              *flips all the tables* FÜCK NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
lollyvato lollyvato Nov 21, 2016
Let me show her my katana
                              I don't know the bitch, but she's dead.