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Ayeshasyed97 By Ayeshasyed97 Updated 3 days ago

Glancing at my feet he sighed "who wears heels on an excursion to the mountains Areesha what were you thinking!" he grunted.

"I I forgot" 

"You have decided to spoil my mood since  morning haven't you" he huffed 

" give me your hands " he brought his hands forward 


"What's the problem" his eyebrows knotted.

"Give me your hand "he demanded

"I can't" I whispered

"Areesha keep your unwanted logics with you and listen to me once otherwise you will miss all the fun .up there."

"Be a good girl come on Areesha give me your hand" he came close to me 

"No" i stepped back

"You just don't listen do you okay than stay here" I am going he spoke harshly and left..

My eyes brimmed with unwanted tears.I sighed 

A journey  

In which they will discover the essence   of a  true love..

Many lessons will be learnt on the way of achieving it..

And in the end the achievement of a true love which will sparkle there lives with its fragrance.

Cover by  a friend @Auroraborealis9.

sweetyasfa sweetyasfa Mar 15
I luvd it... Beautiful strt...❤
                              Is tht guy Umar r Amir?? I just hope its  Umar...😊
phareeydah_ phareeydah_ Mar 15
As salamu alaikum sister. .. This prologue is the best I have read so far... Every part was well detailed and explained. More grace to your elbow. .
Unique_Niqabi Unique_Niqabi Nov 07, 2016
Grandpa Rumiiii😍😍😍😍 always rocks i love this quote
alinasyed96 alinasyed96 May 05, 2016
Intresting..:-) :-)
                              The story will continue from here or is it a part of future..
jia492 jia492 Aug 31, 2016
Interesting intro part....luking forward eagerly 2 read dz trio luv
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Feb 16
Beautiful start...I just hope that guy is Umar heheh 😀😍