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✿ BOO's By _trashmooooo_ Completed

Really not the best timing, and place, to meet your idols. 

[Zombie AU]

YuEuNo YuEuNo a day ago
i probably do this too...  but im pretty sure ill be alive cause i know how to survive
NishaLor NishaLor Jan 31
Dashi run run run. Prolly a bad time to make a bts reference
Yui_Maname Yui_Maname Jan 31
Lol i'll be like,the first one to die,I always am and that's the most logical scenario for me 😂😂😂😂
YuEuNo YuEuNo a day ago
aweee...  even at the times like this... you still think of armys... i love you oppa
Dubhkirby_ Dubhkirby_ 3 days ago
If there's a zombie apocalypse I would lock a entrances and make my headquarters Walmart. UNLIMITED FOOD... Kinda
kaneki-kan kaneki-kan Jan 24
Hell yeh bois, we out here being a pro killing them zombies.. we got ur back!!!