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Life Without Dad

Life Without Dad

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kel By wishfullthinkiing Updated Nov 14, 2011

Fifteen year old Amelia Cruz has always been taking orders from her overprotective dad.  She's never got to choose who she hung out with or what clubs she could join. He would always say it was for her “own good”, but nowadays almost every one of their conversations ended up in an argument about freedom vs safety. How was that for her own good? Amelia took her father’s rules for granted and passed him off as a crazy micromanager until one day everything stopped: the arguments (the noise in the house for that matter), the rules, and her dad’s heart that took him away forever. Stressed, depressed, and having no idea what to do with herself, Amelia wonders if  good things will ever exist in her life.

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VeronikaCeleste VeronikaCeleste Dec 04, 2013
Kelllleyyyyyyyyyyy .-. 
                              1000 Thumbs up xD
paintedwings paintedwings Aug 10, 2013
The plot is very original
                              Sometimes it annoys me how you capitalized so much words c: But so far it seems like a great story, not very interesting though..I suggest you put some twist/drama into it c:
Oxytocin Oxytocin Jul 17, 2013
No teenager says 'poop'. I like it, just dialogue seems too brief and not realistic. I didn't get the bit with the Barbie dolls, like did she just suddenly remember who is he ? You should add more details to that so the reader can be like " OOOOOOOOOOH" yeah. Really good story though.
wishfullthinkiing wishfullthinkiing Dec 25, 2011
@owlcityresident omg i feel so guilty now ;( I'll try okay? I'm so sorry.
wishfullthinkiing wishfullthinkiing Nov 29, 2011
@owlcityresident Haha if you want to describe it that way :) Thx so much!!
wishfullthinkiing wishfullthinkiing Nov 29, 2011
@owlcityresident omg...thank u so much :) that means..(omg!!!) the world to me!!! :D Thanks so much and I won't let you down!