No Name (ereri/riren smut)

No Name (ereri/riren smut)

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A normal teenage boy named Eren jaeger.. Has finally got his dream job working in a recording studio recording famous artists and editing their work to perfection...

But what he doesn't know is that his favourite hometown band needs a new recording studio to go to, and their first choice was working with Eren! 

After a while Eren realises that he feels extremely awkward and embarrassed around the singer! But he can't figure out why.... So he leaves his job to avoid complications. But will this make his state worse? Or better?

Marieke_3 Marieke_3 May 03
When you watch to Many Smut and pretend the micro is eren his di.... uhm Nevermind 😅
Levik1k1 Levik1k1 Jun 11
I once was swimming and a magpie dropped a dead bird into the pool. It was covers in maggots. Your welcome for that story time.
I'm such a fuckin need I'm listening to the Harry Potter theme song
Kyubitheyandere Kyubitheyandere Dec 11, 2016
"d...d...dap...-dapping er,"
                              What he meant to say was 
                              "Is it okay if I dap your dîćk of then suck it?"
Inavalli94 Inavalli94 Oct 05, 2016
Author-nim!! Is No name a dj or manga?? I got two or three No name based dj manga! Say me the base of this Story, i want to read the orginal manga or fanfic.. Please author-nim I request an answer
Kaito_Poppu Kaito_Poppu Sep 21, 2016
Wait, so eren had a dream that levi was called Bob and that "Bob" hated him...
                              Well, eren certainly isn't great at divination