One-Line Prompts

One-Line Prompts

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Inspiration courteous of yours truly.



(Dedicated to the loml, my inspiration, Prince Nelson, AKA the Purple One, may he rest in peace)

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Leira702 Leira702 Oct 26
This man decides to quit his job and heads to New York City.
SinaiB05 SinaiB05 Sep 07
I would just like to say that I have read ALL of your books and I absolutely LOVE THEM. You are an inspiration to me. Me and my friends love to read your Riddles book. 
                              Thx for being one of my idols
                              ~Batman(dats me)
"He is my support. He is one of the only things that has kept me alive for so long. I have so much to thank him for....
                              ....I won't know what to do once he leaves my life..."
raxquaza11 raxquaza11 Oct 12
He was my daylight in a world forever dark. He was the umbrella in the storm. He was the only thing that stopped me from leaving this world. But... All things must come to an end.
I hadn't been happy for a long time, but then he came along and fixed the broken doll I used to be. He sewed my heart back in two and made me feel happy. He helped me come out of the closet and protect me from those who wish to push me back in. I would do anything to bring him back.
His raven-black hair and eyes that captured the colours of the ocean...