One-Line Prompts

One-Line Prompts

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Inspiration courteous of yours truly.



(Dedicated to the loml, my inspiration, Prince Nelson, AKA the Purple One, may he rest in peace)

slowlyfading- slowlyfading- Dec 30, 2016
I hadn't been happy for a very long time, but then he came along and made everything better. His eyes that he stares into mine, his beautiful smile that shattered my heart the day he left. I fell so hard for him, it was such an idiotic move- I knew he'd have to move away.
PanicAtTheGirlsRoom PanicAtTheGirlsRoom Nov 19, 2016
She was a little more than a shadow, but not quite a ghost. She was common ground, every frat boy wanted her. But she did not want every frat boy. People noticed her, even when she didn't want them to. She was Kristin Catollie.
Sherwritesbooks Sherwritesbooks Jul 22, 2016
But nobody saw her...they thought she's a shadow...a shadow over everyone's life.
vitriolics vitriolics Nov 26, 2016
She was little more than a shadow. The only thing to separate her from the meaningless silhouette is she was not a follower; no, she was her own being, her own shining star.
                              But; she was treated like dirt. Treated like a shadow.
SketchXam SketchXam Jul 24, 2016
I hadn't been happy for a long time, but then he came along~
                              He made me smile and laugh, something I hadn't done in a while. It felt good to be happy again. I'd almost forgotten what it felt like, but he helped me just by telling me jokes and being there for me. I think I'm in love with him.
CarterCookie CarterCookie Nov 01, 2016
I saw this while reading your other work and I was like; "oooooooooooooooooooh. I need these."😂