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Poems (Horrortale!Sans X Reader)

Poems (Horrortale!Sans X Reader)

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chev By PsychoChevre Completed

She loved to sing and dance and rhyme.
    But her happiness was running out of time.
    She screamed and clawed to anyone at all,
    Because blood and skin couldn't break her fall.
    Tears and sobs and screams ran out, 
    And still nobody heard her shout.
    Humans, monsters, but nobody came.
    And to everyone else they did the same.
    She was lucky he was being kind that day,
    So he didn't take her life today. 
    Smiling and happy, her journey began,
    To free all monsters was her plan.
    She wasn't perfect,
    But it was worth it.
    She didn't want to be best.
    But despite everything, she never reset.
    (Horrortale!Sans X Reader)

high-jinx high-jinx Jun 20, 2016
roses are red 
                              violets are blue
                              a bowl f sugar
                              is as sweet as you...
                               the roses have wilted 
                              and the violets are dead
                              sugar bowl is empty 
                              just like your head
3y3Ballz 3y3Ballz Jun 27, 2016
Horror tale is just like underfell just with less color and its creepier
Apollosmoon Apollosmoon Jun 10, 2016
Here is a ryme to say to your worst enemy:
                              Roses are red,
                              Violets are blue, 
                              I'll punch your face,
                              I hate you.
                              Roses are red,
                              Violets are blue,
                              I have 5 fingers,
                              The middle one is for you.
lunamiraxus lunamiraxus Aug 08, 2016
Determination is something that keeps you alive its lyk never giving up till you have something everyone needs/you want
dacatnextdoor14 dacatnextdoor14 Aug 30, 2016
Imma just change that to curiosity cuz that's my trait that I made so yeah
-Writer_Person- -Writer_Person- May 22, 2016
One day your insanity will be lost...
                              Will you be happy? Or will you be sad? 
                              Will horrortale make you even more mad?
                              Poems are fun