Taming The Innocent Devil (Azrael Ian Montefalco III)

Taming The Innocent Devil (Azrael Ian Montefalco III)

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" I don't hate them. "

Yan ang lagi kong sinasabi sa mga kaibigan ko. They always asked if I'm mad with the Montefalco's well apparently I am not .  

I'm just busy in my own world. They have their own right? Giving my attention to them is worthless, sa sobrang dami di na mapapansin .

Especially, to the MONTEFALCO BOYS.

Almost 99% of the population of girls in our campus has a crush on them, actually mahal na nga sila.

It's not that i don't find them attractive, ofcourse I do. But to be crazy just like the other girls is a big NO for me. Maybe they're handsome but not enough to drool over. 

I'd rather put my earphones in my ears and read books .

But maybe destiny is really playful,

There's a one guy who keeps on breaking the walls that I made. He wants to enter my world. He keeps on seeking for my attention. And he invade my heart. 

No other than , Azrael Ian Montefalco.

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