Magi OneShots

Magi OneShots

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Mei Nyx By MeiNyx Updated Sep 15, 2016

Requests are {CLOSED!}

I'll be starting Magi oneshots for most characters!
Just slide me a message and I'll do my best! (^x^)

Also, lemons are available!~

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the art used for each chapter. All credit goes to the original artists.

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Magus-Zero Magus-Zero Mar 26, 2017
You're really good at capturing the feel of Magi. I give this book a 10/10.. And nooot just cozza smut ^^
officialheichou_ officialheichou_ Apr 10, 2017
like the person above said, "sweat"
                              you were under the sun so... =sweat
SimplyMarine SimplyMarine Mar 10, 2017
I always say that my brothers come in the house smelling like the outside. Lmao
Silverfox246 Silverfox246 Feb 16, 2017
That's what my big brother says to all his girls friends. But he comes really close and whispers in their ears 'I can show you things in the bedroom'😏
BWI1017 BWI1017 Nov 28, 2016
I said that i could smell the sunshine or heat once and my friends just made fun of me T^T and said, "how can u smell the heat? It has no smell" or "I can smell the heat" over and over and over again whenever we went outside for or T^T
Lord_Food Lord_Food Nov 14, 2016
Come ooooooooon, Aladdin!!! I love but you just ruined the moment!