The Secret Life Of Marco Diaz

The Secret Life Of Marco Diaz

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Kotta, the shifter with many voices By KottaTora Updated Aug 01

this is a what if story that might turn it to a Tomco story.

(yes I ship Tomco, I ship it HARD)

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Valorie1 & shayshayfrasier

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Haley_Tbh Haley_Tbh Mar 22
I just kinda pictured him straight faced and simply flipping out the window
You're doing great, Star!!
                              *secretly shakes her head*
                              *whispers* Someone get that thing away from her. . .
- - Feb 05
It should be  "my mother and father are unable to" not is unable too. Is is for singular words
animationInspiration animationInspiration Sep 10, 2016
1: how did they figure out that spell 
                              2: if  the spell is in a different langue what does it say (if it's just made up stuff sorry)
                              Those are my questions for the day hehehe
- - Feb 05
It's not "our abilities" it's "your abilities"  also who did they sealed them? An explanation is needed
- - Feb 05
Also what the hell tort means? I mean in my language that is the beginning of the word pie but if this should be teach then I ask:were did they learned that spell in the first place?