The Exiled Queen #Wattys2016

The Exiled Queen #Wattys2016

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' "People of Norway and Sweden, I know that I am not agreeable in your eyes, but you must all know that you have absolutely no idea of what life I have led, for I, Elizabeth, Queen of Norway and Sweden, have endured trials unimaginable to anyone here. I have been treated as an enemy, but I have behaved as such to protect my people, and myself. I was exiled from my own kingdom, by someone who is unworthy to wear the crown, by someone who only thirsts for power and revenge..." I pause, suddenly feeling my shell break, and I begin to soften toward these people who call me a traitor, and then I lovingly tell them, "but no matter what happens, or who tries to steal my throne, I will forever be Queen of Norway and Sweden. You are my people, and I am your queen."
 The people in the crowds kneel, each with tears in their eyes as they raise their heads high up, and they all cry out, "Long may you reign!"

   People often burn in the fire, but Elizabeth of Kent, became one with it. 
   When the king's reign ended, hers began. 

     *Note: The characters, battles, and anything in this book are all from my imagination, if there is any truth to anything, I am unaware.*

7/30/16 #9 in Historical Fiction

Hey Cameo! I wa just wondering if you saw that I started a book about a new character named Jeremy Thin!! I love this book, btw!!
agustine81 agustine81 Oct 01
Ah... You use henry cavill for your cast. He is my idol... Hope you can write a story with cavill as the main character 😁✌
Live1Love1 Live1Love1 May 07
Mom always said dont talk to stranger... Especially in the woods...
SumitBasak SumitBasak Oct 20
@CameoLeaness nice start... Who is this stranger ? N why Elizabeth's parent favoured her sibling over her? I think this questions answers will be going to shape the story... Am I right?