uncover » camren

uncover » camren

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"When you think you know someone, you don't..."

She works in the shadows. She leaves no trail and she's very careful. Every agent who has tried to pursue her has failed. She's always ten steps ahead. She knows your every move, even before you make them. She's a ghost. They call her Kaycee.

After exhausting everything they had to find her, they had a lead. Every field agent has been compromised, except for one; Agent Lauren Jauregui.

She goes undercover to find Kaycee in her old college in Miami and stop whatever she was planning. That was the mission. After uncovering certain secrets, Lauren must make a decision that will change everything.

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Im at chapter four and i came back to see this bad ass mothereffin trailer again.
Pvris /and/ my babies root and Shaw if I wasn't hyped before I definitely am now 😩😩
You didn't wanna question her, Lauren? Getcha head in the game or mission or whatever lol. It's only been some hours, I know she hasn't gotten you whipped that fast homegirl. Damn lol
This really a good write. And the story line is right on par. Great.🌹💪💪🌹
if i hadnt read the comments i wouldnt know KC was karla camila
I really don't like Lucy that much. So I thought it was Camila.