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Oh no! What now?

Oh no! What now?

5.7K Reads 113 Votes 21 Part Story
Harley By vamplover29 Updated Dec 13, 2013

Kathren Genevieve Blackwell is a girl that's not a normal girl. She's took away from her family to marry the prince of vampires Luca she falls in love with him the second she lays eyes on him, but who wouldn't he's incredibly beautiful. After she was kidnapped by her best friend, Dustin, she finds out she was adopted and her real family was the king and queen of the wizard lands. Her father died and passed his powers down to her but the thing is she is now the strongest witch out there and she has no idea how to use her powers, that is until she meets her inner witch, Amanda. Its not easy learning to move without hurting someone, she can't even get mad without blowing something up! How is she supposed to fight this strange someone no one will tell her about. You see, there is this man out to kill her. He's pretty powerful and all, he did after all kill her father. Somehow through all her normal, crazy, regular life she prepares to fight this monster of a man. There is only one problem, how can she risk her live when it's the life force for someone else? Follow this strange twisted love story !

  • dragons
  • faries
  • werewolves
  • witches