Daddy's Girl (Lesbian)

Daddy's Girl (Lesbian)

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My name is London . I am 17 years old I live in Fayetteville. I live with my aunt , but as much as she's out I basically live by myself . I am lesbian no question about it . I love pussy.

Anyways let's continue . 

I was home it was a little late on a school night but I couldn't sleep . I was up on Facebook just scrolling when this girl got my attention . 

Her name was Ray . I clicked on her profile and lurked a little bit . She seemed to be single and a remarkable business woman. 

I decided to message her.

London ; Hi there 😊

She didn't respond as quickly as I hoped . 

I then just got up and began to get ready for bed. 

I slid out of my clothes and threw over an old t-shirt. 

I was wiping off all my make up when I heard my phone go off. 

I went for it and saw it was a text from Ray.

Ray ; Why hello there beautiful. 😘

I instantly felt butterflies in my stomach. 

London ; I didn't think you would respond . 

Ray; And why not ? 

London ; You look like the type to be busy a...

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shawtysobad shawtysobad Jun 16
I'll be in Fayetteville this weekend who trynna link at the mall😂🤘🏾😛
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JaiGod JaiGod Sep 26
Right like atp you can catch these hands cause you hurting my feelings with your mouth 😂😂😂
Bitch we just met u ain't got no type of control
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Uh bitch you not allat and yo breath smell like boiled pennies and hot dogs...toothpaste my nigga. Toothpaste
laugh144 laugh144 Jan 15
It don't even matter. Its a lot of people that's not in school at all