The Moment //Lauren/You //

The Moment //Lauren/You //

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Ever heard the name Lauren Jauregui?
Of course you have. I mean with her being 1/5 of Fifth Harmony. And being worldly famous.

Ever heard the name Y/N Howard?
I'm pretty sure everyone has. Famous YouTuber and singer of Moonlight Drives along with her band mates Adam Henderson , Jordan Lax , and Chole Forston. Also daughter of Mason Howard and Michelle Howard multi-Trillion airs and rising soccer star.

One day these two meet and a connection like no other happens. Both, feel something but are too scared to tell each other.One, thing stand between them a relationship. What happens when a tour member becomes jealous? When a accident happens that causes on of the members to loose their memory and not remember their feelings? Supernatural occurrings?Your teammates might have some different opinions,will they get in the way?What'll happen in the heat of "The Moment"?

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