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Ivy is a 17 year old werewolf. Her pack in Illinois just got destroyed by a huge rouge attack. Luckily their dad was friends with the former alpha of Moon Stone Pack located in Wisconsin. Today is her first day of her new school. She is jealous when she finds out her brother met his mate and she still hasn't found hers. She wishes of having a mate but is scared of rejection. Her pack decides to throw a huge bonfire for both of the packs to come together and become friends. 

Alex is the Alpha of the Moon Stone Pack. He is 18 years old. He is very mean and controlling. Every other pack is afraid of him. He always keeps everything to himself unless it comes to his best friends Jared and Trevor. He gets annoyed when the Red Moon Pack gets attacked by rogues and his father convinces him to let them move in a few miles away from their territory. He dreads having a mate. He doesn't want one. He's afraid she will not accept his flaws. He must attend a bonfire tonight at the Red Moon pack. He wonders if he will ever meet his mate. 

Will they over come their fears? Will they meet their mates? Will they get everything they have hoped for? Read and find out...

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??? I don't think that most people are going to answer that, and that though she gives questions doens't meanyou gotta be that rude.
chubbyflats chubbyflats Dec 20, 2016
Not that I don't like it I am just not as used to it so if you had less that would be nice
chubbyflats chubbyflats Dec 20, 2016
I really like this book but was wondering if there could be less yalls