Austin's Second Bio xD

Austin's Second Bio xD

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Austin By that_guy_austin Updated Dec 01

Other Bio was getting quite long... So i decided to make a second bio


I think thats all


YuiYukonv YuiYukonv May 05
I'm used to it I know I am no point in hiding it I believe I shouldn't deny who I am even if others doubt my reasons and beliefs as a emo girl I'm a downer and never smile I hope I can find real friends who actually care about me and not my problems
dc2004176 dc2004176 Aug 24
My friend is identified that way and as an anorexic and many other awful things. Middle school is great so far NOT
You seem like a really cool guy. cx And I'm really sorry to hear about your mom. I really hope everything turns out okay. <3 And even though you don't know me, if you ever need someone, feel free to PM/DM me. Anyway, have a good day. •~•
Hey, you seem really cool. Pm me if you ever want to talk and I hope you have an amazing day
Relatable. All of it. I'm sorry about your mom, Austin.... I'm not one to pray, but if it will help, I'm going to pray for your family..... All of you...... PM me if you ever want to talk about it or anything else going on.....
- - May 06
Hi! You seem really sweet and nice and cool! We should pm sometime! ~Meghan