Under the Influence

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Nadia By nadu_darling Updated 3 years ago
Isabelle Hoarde is a bad girl, she never really did care about school and education. When her principal has had enough of her, he sends her to Greg Jefford, the school nerd.
    As she spends time with him, she starts to  open up. Something in which she is afraid to but she can't explain herself when she is around him and frankly it scares her. 
    Past memories are reinforced causing Isabelle and Greg to stick together but could it be too late; could she be too far gone? Could Isabelle uncover the secret that is Greg Jefford?
    Find out as you read "Under The Influence."
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This is good so far and you portray Isabelle's rebellious character well. Should be interesting to see what is going to go down between her and Greg over the story!
                                    Great stuff-Keep up the good work :)
Wow this is really great, she seems like the usual badass student but I feel suspense for something coming. Your descriptions and supporting information was wonderful. Thanks for great read, voted.
This was a good first chapter, you hooked me into the story from the start, and good descriptions. Also don't space too much, and try to make this story your own because the story line is somewhat cliche.
oh wow I love Isabelle's attitude!So cool and badass!Voted!and btw the writing was great too.Flows really well.On a second thought I'll add it to my library!Awesome job!
the concept seems very different and interesting. I enjoyed the dialogue. However the spacing was a bit annoying, could to make it closer together?
Great writing, you really pulled me in! There are a few grammatical errors but otherwise the story is great! Keep writing