♤ ¿Alpha Xena? ♤

♤ ¿Alpha Xena? ♤

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Issues By barolicious Completed

"He's outside." Carlos told me and I nodded my head at him. "Let me go out first and talk to him, please." I sighed, cocking my hips to the side as I crossed my arms. I closed my eyes briefly and ran my fingers through my hair.

"Fine, I'll wait until you talk to him." I sighed in defeat and Carlos sighed in relief, walking past me as he headed toward the front door of the pack house. I soon followed behind him but at a far distance.

Carlos got out and I peaked, watching as Carlos headed toward Alpha Xena who had his back to me. Hmm, so I was finally going to see alpha Xena in person. From what I could see just from the back was that he was over 6 foot, broad shoulders, formed biceps from working out and hmm, he has a good behind though.

I cleared my throat, shook my head as I removed my gaze. Stop it Sierra, you didn't come to check him out. I glanced up again to see him, this time his front was facing Carlos. "The alpha is not available at the moment."

Carlos told him and I took that as my cue to get out from my hidden spot and started to make my way toward them. "Then who is going to take his place?" Alpha Xena asked, my feet stopped for a moment as they froze but I unfreeze them, taking a deep breath as I held my head held high to let him know that I wasn't scared of him. Well, I kinda was but I wasn't going to tell him that.

"Me, his older daughter and soon to be Alpha." As I spoke firm and steady his gaze left Carlos to meet mine. The rogues he brought turning their attention to me and I suddenly felt like hiding as far away as possible.

He removed his gaze from mine and I leaned my head back, didn't he heard what I just said? "I changed my mind, I want her instead of the pack." My mouth dropped at that and my eyes widened, he can't be serious.

Isn't xerox a brand of paper or something to do with printers 😂
Teamhybrid0606 Teamhybrid0606 May 05, 2016
Wow I love your books I've literally read all of them you should publish these. Good luck
Princess_Naomi02 Princess_Naomi02 May 06, 2016
Haha Oh hell  no he'd have a bottle of water over his head I'd be sleeping in the bath
- - Sep 04, 2016
He just did something she didn't want him to do? The a douche