Three Fangirls VS. the Naruto World (Naruto Fanfic)

Three Fangirls VS. the Naruto World (Naruto Fanfic)

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Arctic (Indefinite Hiatus) By Arctic_Sky Completed

Meh... About fraternal triplets who love Naruto and end up in the anime after Tobi invades their computer. Check it out if you think it sounds kinda cool.

(Don't own Naruto.... though I thought that was kinda obvious)

Cover made by the fabulous 7Panda7!

    Yeah sure do it,is the smart way to do it -.- but you get stuck in that's good?
    SnackShop SnackShop May 02
    I used to love Gaara... Then I friend zoned him. SORRY BUT HIDAN IS BETTER! *All of the akatski is better... Tobi-kun rules all.
    SnackShop SnackShop May 01
    Notice how she said THEY! She cares. Baka. Why care when nobody else does unless you make a big deal out of it?
    fatima_Top fatima_Top May 29
    Like i give a damn 
                                  I dint guve to two fucks about people
    SnackShop SnackShop May 01
    I wish! Then I could be like
                                  (• - •)
    Man I hate it when the neighbors call the cops because then they come in your house and have all too many witnesses, then not only do you have to kill the cops but the troublesome neighbors for starting it in the first place, hehe~