His Damsel To Save

His Damsel To Save

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Mal-Bear By Polly-Anna-Rome-Doll Completed

She lied to me. I wanted her. I had her. But why was I not please. I should be pleased. I was satisfied of that I was utterly sure. 

Her lips against my neck urging for me to go faster. Her legs draped around my torso whilst I filled her. The way she whispered my name. 

She had a child! Yet when I entered her. There was clearly a barrier. There was no denying it. She was tight around me. 

The child was clearly not hers! Was everything she told me a lie. I was moving frantic about my drawing room. A soft knock abruptly drew me from my thoughts. 

"Come in" I yelled from across the room. 

The door opened and before me stood my wife. A deflowered virgin. She could not even look me in face. Her cheeks were flushed. I could only imagine the amount of bravery it took her to walk down these stairs and to face me. 

"Has my wife lost her tongue?" 

"No your grace" she shook her head. 

"Good because there is a matter at hand. It seems to me madam that you came to me untouched. A virgin. You can imagine my shock. You have a child!" 

"I can explain" she reached for me and I drew back. 

"What is there to explain? That you lied to me! Who's child is it? Did you steal it? Had everything you told me been a damn lie! How can I even trust anything you told me so far!" I roared. 

A slapped kissed my cheek rather roughly and swung my head to the side. 

"You don't speak to me that way! I am your wife your equal. So shut up and let me speak!"

Scarlett has a baby and is running away from her fiancé Stephen to find a husband. But why is running away from him? 
Her only choice to be rid of Stephen is to marry someone. She ends up marrying Lucian a half drunk she rescued one night. How will their story turn out?

COVER MADE BY: Queen_of_ craziness

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imtrashforkorea imtrashforkorea May 29, 2017
DAMN!!! I love your attitude. I wish i had it so i can talk back to bitches
EdithNisola EdithNisola May 15, 2017
I like this chapter its very unbelievable I'm just wondering how she cut the pregnant woman..
TeanoAngelita TeanoAngelita Oct 16, 2017
I'm sorry,  you have good story plot but after reading this I'm having second thoughts,  not inviting for new readers
writter_anon writter_anon Jan 18, 2017
Not that I don't love Emma cause I do🙌 I had a differ actor in mind🤔 that just me tho lol
chevypage59 chevypage59 Aug 18, 2016
Well think better you come down ?! Your stories have been good I thinks his has a  has great start xx b
k49_Mika-chan k49_Mika-chan May 05, 2016
Oh my God.....I loved it....really....I JUST LOVED IT!!!!!!!