High School, Sex, &nd Drama ( #Urban )

High School, Sex, &nd Drama ( #Urban )

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We're Not All Negan By iRespectBacon Completed


•Book 1 in the High School Series . . .

He started moving his fingers in me.             

Nina: CJ . . . not ag--            

CJ: Do you agree?            

He was going faster.             

Nina: Ohh . . . CJ . . . n-no           

I was about to cum, then he stopped.   The fuck he stop for ?            

CJ: Agree and I'll let you cum.            

I just stared at him. Then he started rubbing me nice and slow. I was weak, he had me but I still didn't answer. Being stubborn. Then he hit my g-spot on my neck and I was done.             

Nina: Yes! I agree CJ, just please . . .            

CJ: Please what?            

Nina: Make me . . . cum.              

Nina, a Junior in high school with a thick waist, feisty attitude, and a redbone. CJ, simply not to be fucked with, light-skinned, buff and sexy as hell. Let's go on a roll at coaster with these two and see where it takes us.

|BOOK 2: High School, Lust, &nd Deception|

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shaneqwa shaneqwa May 18, 2017
Wait her friend jule is dissing her because she still a virgin,  wow
blackwinter25 blackwinter25 Jul 28, 2017
Fr like bîtch why ain't I got a man.🤦🏽‍♀️ but then I realised all the people at my school are white little rats so I guess I'm lucky not to have them. The only mixed rave boys at my school are peng tbh but there just ring 😭 and that's my type mixed race so like bruh 🙄🙄
HoodsTrvpPrincess HoodsTrvpPrincess Jul 28, 2017
You lowkey are on ho status for me cause that's not cute but author do you boo
LeeLeeLovesJasmine LeeLeeLovesJasmine Jun 22, 2016
You gotta be from D.C I can tell by the way you write at least I think so
keri95 keri95 Oct 01, 2016
Lmao well you know they can't handle a chick like me on a regular
suckmypineapples suckmypineapples Mar 15, 2015
When I read this book so much emotions went through my head, I thought CJ was good