You're Not Just A Phase~ A Supernatural Camren FanFic

You're Not Just A Phase~ A Supernatural Camren FanFic

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.Broken Thoughts. By TheStormWithinMe7 Completed

PLOT: Both Lauren and Camila attend Lost Meadow High school. Lauren is a blood sucking vampire whereas Camila is a dark magical witch. They don't hate each other they just don't know each other very much until.... Silas an evil, powerful traveller comes along in search for the long lost Black Soul Emerald. If he gets his hands on it he will become the most invincible person on the planet and will live for all eternity. This brings the witches and vampires to join forces and fight against Silas and his army of travellers. Camila and Lauren are sent out on most missions together bringing them closer together. They must find the Black Soul Emerald before Silas does! What will happen? 
Read to find out!!! 

Just a few notes 
-There will be other Supernatural  beings 
-There will be lots of CAMREN!!! 
-Will contain Sexual content&Strong Launguage (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!) 

Credit to SLOTHTATO for the awesome new cover!

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After all the fanfics i read i thought that this was funny (2nd time reading this)
annacat88 annacat88 Oct 19
This is literally me to my parents 😂 like the say "drive safe" and I'll be like "nahhhhh Imma drive recklessly" then we say bye. It's just normal 😂
Boyfriend 🤔🤔 I don't think that word is in my dictionary
Canola_Kabayo Canola_Kabayo Nov 10, 2016
Dinah and peacemaker doesn't go in the same paragraph without something negative between this words😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂