Monotone | ✔️

Monotone | ✔️

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Ruth! By asphyxiaxx Completed

"If we were so riveted in the spectrum of nature, why did we stand, petrified, as we became corrupted by idle technology, stupefied by glowing screens, stolen from life as we know it from enemies right under our noses? Why did we relent to this obvious threat when we did have the capability to change, and prevent our peaceful hierarchy from being razed? It was the consequence of this stupidity that condemned us all to slaves, servants of a towering race of robots and data."

The year 2096. Robots rule the world. Their grip seemed impenetrable, the extent of their control unknown by the humans. Society is blinded by the splendour and wealth of all the technology. 

"We live in mere fear, unable to access any computerised knowledge for fear of being discovered. We're convicted to the old ways of living, our specialists abilities unable to be used. It puts a very ironic twist on the definition of being free."


  • action
  • adventure
  • dystopian
  • newauthor
  • technology
  • undiscovered
  • wattys2016
heb0012 heb0012 Apr 21, 2017
Dang, why does this book not have more reads and votes? It is spectacular
ReynaFreed ReynaFreed Sep 25, 2017
Why is this book not voted on more? It's amazing! Your flow is perfect and the story really comes together without almost any confusion. I love it! Any tips for a beginning writer?
BeYourself101xx BeYourself101xx Oct 21, 2016
@asphyxiaxx I bet I will :) . i gtg for now, but i'll continue reading it later :)
DoctorWhoFanatic77 DoctorWhoFanatic77 Jul 10, 2016
Wow, you really bring up some points that coincide with the current state of our world. I can definitely see this small jab at our society!
ebbyIggy ebbyIggy Jul 23, 2016
I really like this book. I'm so excited to see what's to come
indigo551 indigo551 Jul 04, 2016
First paragraph.
                              Wow. Love it. Deep. 
                              Certainly makes a statement.