Tmnt Truth Or Dare

Tmnt Truth Or Dare

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• TmntFangirl • By natalie78na Updated Jul 31

Ever want to ask Tmnt to do truth or dares from you guys? Well now you can with this book!! Just comment a truth or dare and the guys will answer and or do it!!! (including me!)


I do not own TMNT or any characters in this book (besides myself)

And please, do not copy this story. Also, no dirty things in here either, I am innocent and for other people to enjoy this story!!


- - Mar 19
I have a dare for Leo:He'll have to hug Raphie..And before he hug He must say"Free hugs!!!!"And can I  join the story to please?
HamatoLeafCatz HamatoLeafCatz May 06, 2016
I has a dare for Leo: I dare u to...... hmm lets see....... hug or kiss me!!!! I LOVE hugs!!!! Anything will do :D If you pick mine then THANKS! I love this story so far! :D
WalkingTrafficCone WalkingTrafficCone Aug 31, 2016
I has of the dare for Leo: I dare you to.........lets see isn't this obvious......... KISS   RAPH