When Siren Meets Pirate •BillDip•

When Siren Meets Pirate •BillDip•

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FabulousMisfit By hawkfrost_swag Updated 6 days ago

Bill Cipher is a siren. 

Dipper Pines is a pirate. His ship and Great Uncles' names are known for stealing goods, but no one could even catch them. Everything was the same boring routine everyday. 

A huge storm fast approaches. Bill saves Dipper, and Dipper stays with Bill until he becomes healthy again. What will happen next? 

cover art by maplespyder, I only edited it.

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Katkakbis Katkakbis Apr 24
Yep, I can feel the awkwardness radiating off this paige 😂😂😂
Will: W-why is everybody s-screaming!!???? *terrified face*
                              Me: *Shields Will" RUNNNNN!!!! THEY HUNT FOR ADORABLE DREAM DEMON FLESH!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!
EchoSoul12 EchoSoul12 Nov 02
                              THE FORMER CORN CHIP IS MAAAAD!!!
                              BRACE YO' SELVES KIDZ!
Katkakbis Katkakbis Apr 24
Idk why this is funny lmao, maybe cause I imagine a siren jump of a rock and land face smack into the ground
The best thing to do when you want to be friends with someone? Of course, show them your sharp teeth