Of Frost & Cinder

Of Frost & Cinder

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Imogen Isles By ImogenaryThings Updated Aug 26

After a freak accident that Shelland Conall can't remember, a strange boy with a snarky attitude shows up on her front porch, shocking her with the confession that he's been following her. To make matters worse, this stalker claims to be the one that saved her from her unknown brush with death, and he comes bearing an unthinkable truth: someone close to her has been poisoning her. It's not just any type of poison, but a suppressant disguised as an everyday pill, and it's been specifically crafted to stultify something inside her. The question is, what?

Now, Shelland must learn how to hone her intuition to decipher between truth and fiction, but how can a girl trust her gut when she can't even trust her own memories?  The more she learns about Beck's supernatural world, the farther she falls into this bloody world of magic that she never knew existed. But what happens when a broken vessel tastes her first dose of darkness? Will she be strong enough to break its iron-grip, or will she succumb and pursue a rapid descent into Chaos?

A The Perennial Chaos Novel
Highest Ranking: #9 in Werewolf

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Had no idea this was a werewolf book when I first added it to my list. I am quite pleased with this.
And what is the song? Sorry I keep forgetting something in the last comment lol
always-I always-I Oct 25, 2016
Me encantaria leer tu novela, lastima que este en inglés. Sorry, I like you novela, I don't read
PennyZee PennyZee Sep 07, 2015
Shelland  really is between the proverbial "rock and a hard place."
ShealynOrr ShealynOrr May 06, 2015
Reading the authorly note or whatever really has already drawn me into the book.  I can tell it's going to be a good one
DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda DoubleJinxBuyMeSoda Jan 02, 2015
I love the name Shelland. I've never heard it before but I really like it.