To Be With You - Werewolf - [Slash]

To Be With You - Werewolf - [Slash]

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This is the part where I say that this is a BoyxBoy story, meaning boy loves boy, werewolf, possibly cliche', whatever...let's just get to the story, shall we? 


That stupid, moronic, frustrating piece of dog will die at the hands of Callum McArthur-Wolfe, mark his very words.

            He stomps through the woods, grumbling as he hunts down the Chihuahua. He curses the dog, his sister, his sister's mate, whom the dog belongs to, his parents for making him come out here in first place, the woods in general, and then the dog again.

           Callum had looked up once-once-to glance at the waxing moon and when he looked down again, Bitsy was gone.

            And hell if he's not furious.

            "Bitsy," he calls, straining to keep the pure loathing that he has for this dog out of his voice.  If dogs can smell fear, surely they can smell hatred. "Bitsy, come here boy."

            What kind of straight male owns a Chihuahua anyway? Callum wonders, still following t...