Sequel to "Field Trip" by Flick Rose (#MLWattyAwards)

Sequel to "Field Trip" by Flick Rose (#MLWattyAwards)

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Claudia Fullbuster By Demonica2015 Updated Sep 07, 2016

It is the sequel to "field Trip" which was written  by Flick Rose. I do not own the story that this story is connected too, or the characters. Just the idea of continuing it and what I want to happen. 

Any way this story is going to have Marinette figure out that Adrien is Chat, while she is also realizing her feelings for her feline partner. They might go on other field trips and even go back to that ranch. I don't know yet. 

And anytime, if you have an idea for the story please comment in the story or message me in the conversation tab or messages. I would love to hear your guys ideas to help with the story if i ever get stumped and don't know what to write next.

Also I do not own the cover. Except for the word 'Continuation' the cover is Flick Rose's too. I hope you don't mind I use it. As well as anything else that show up in this story. Like songs, song titles, or pictures.

Rated T for language.

Also nominated for the ML Watty Awards on @MLWattyAwards. Under the category Adrienette. Please vote.

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ALooseFangirl ALooseFangirl Jun 28, 2017
I still don't understand how she managed to get his schedule. I mean, did she stalk him with a watch and a notebook and recorded everything he did or did she bribe Nathalie to give it to her?😂😂😂
ALooseFangirl ALooseFangirl Jun 28, 2017
Nooooo! He's totally not Chat Noir! I mean, they definitely don't look exactly the same or anything
SofiAnA2004 SofiAnA2004 Apr 04
I'm sorry but... She WALED up!!! I'm so so so so sorry but I find that hilarious!!😂😂😂😂
I love how her parents are so cool with guys coming up in her room in these FanFiction 😂 I mean, she offered. She OFFERED Adrien, a boy she couldn’t even remember the NAME of, to go hang out with Marinette in her room alone.😂
margaret_becker margaret_becker Dec 21, 2017
I hate how they're so oblivious but I love it at the same time
Oba1364 Oba1364 Aug 16, 2016
Sure he is not chat
                              *grab bow and arrow and shoot her stomach *