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Hospital - Percy Weasley ✔️

Hospital - Percy Weasley ✔️

31K Reads 1.1K Votes 12 Part Story
Lee By UnknownStar7 Completed

Percy Weasley is guilty. He let his brother die. After the war, he hid away in Muggle London, too ashamed to face his family. 

Katherine 'Kat' Lange is dying. Cancer really sucks. Her father is a wizard, but due to her long battle with the disease, she never attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

When Percy meets Kat at the hospital by accident, and the two form a strong friendship. However, when Percy realizes that he feels more for the girl than he should, he finds himself determined to find a cure. 

Kat's last wish is that he forgive himself for his brothers death. She wants him to be happy even when she's gone.

I don't own Harry Potter because otherwise I would be rich, and I'm not. All rights go the the nonpareil J. K. Rowling. Kat is mine, as well as anyone else mentioned that are not in the story, so toodle-loo if you are thinking about copying it!

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