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Natsu's Sister

Natsu's Sister

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Crystal Luna Dragneel By CrystalLunaDragneel Updated 4 days ago

You're an Ice Dragon Slayer  who is friends an Iron Dragon Slayer called Gajeel. You both are in the same guild, Phantom Lord. Soon you wage war with the strongest guild, Fairy Tail. Little do you know that your brother, Natsu,is in that exact guild you are at war with.  You decide to join Fairy Tail with Gajeel and start talking to Natsu and your childhood friend Gray.
  New adventures await you and soon Gray starts to develop feelings for you. He hides it but is not sure if he should tell you. Will you like him back? Find out in my new: Natsu's Sister!
  I may not be posting chapters too often since I am at school and I have to do lots of BORING HOMEWORK =( 
  I do not own any of the Fairy Tail characters they all belong to the creator Hiro Mashima!

madamsangria madamsangria Jun 16, 2016
Yes I always wanted a fairy tail book to start at this point!!! Keep up the good work!!!