Anne Of Green Gables √ (Project K.)

Anne Of Green Gables √ (Project K.)

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"She danced up to the little looking-glass and peered into it. Her pointed freckled face and solemn gray eyes peered back at her.
"You're only Anne of Green Gables," she said earnestly, "and I see you, just as you are looking now, whenever I try to imagine I'm the Lady Cordelia. But it's a million times nicer to be Anne of Green Gables than Anne of nowhere in particular, isn't it?"

Anne Shirley, with all her daydreaming, carelessness and chatter is not quite what Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert expect when they decide to adopt a child from the orphan asylum. But, after a while, they can't even realize what Green Gables had been without her. Anne's presence lights quiet old Green Gables like a candle lights a room.*

This time-old classic has delighted young and old alike for over a century. Full of vivid characterization,  humor, and love, this tale lives in the souls of many.

"Anne is the dearest and most loveable child in fiction since the immortal Alice" - Mark Twain.

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* Summary by @DArecruit

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