✔ [DISCONTINUED!] | †In Love With A Reaper† |

✔ [DISCONTINUED!] | †In Love With A Reaper† |

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歴史作家 By XXInsanity_RosieXX Updated Dec 26, 2017

You were a Reaper since you were 12 yes 12 your reaper side is not yet active when you were little also that's were you meet your  4 personality's 

When you were 16 you murdered 60 people in your hometown then you were running away then you found a mansion that belong to the creepypasta 

You became friends with the others including your 4 personality's happy yada yada but there's one thing you wanna know 

little did you know...... The boys are starting to fall in love with you what will happen? Of course CHAOS AND WAR THEY'RE KILLERS!!!!! But anyways if you wanna know what will happen read it yourself (~׳×)~

Creepypasta x reader

Book started: October 2, 2017
Book ended: May 19, 2017

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Miss_Jeager_Girl Miss_Jeager_Girl Mar 20, 2017
Ma hair are dirty blonde whilst my eyes are blue sometimes the others there grey
Nicole30dc Nicole30dc Sep 12, 2016
Da heck the description is soo me black hair brown eyes even the lengt wat da fuuuuuuddddggggeeeee
UltraAloha UltraAloha Sep 14, 2016
Just cut the hair to 2inches past the shoulders, then that's me
Myarei Myarei Feb 16, 2017
"But you will snap and kill the entire people" I don't get it in the town in the city? I don't really know
QueenGalaxy777 QueenGalaxy777 Jun 18, 2016
I like the story so far it was really good! Can't wait to read more!