1 • Under the rain | stiles stilinski

1 • Under the rain | stiles stilinski

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` r e y l o By mrscutiefandobhaz Completed

In Beacon Hills coincidence doesn't exist.
But supernatural does.

They fought against a psychopath Alpha, a Kanima, a dark druid, an Alpha pack, and a Nogitsune.

Claudia was like Stiles, a human.

She discovered she is more than that, and everything got more complicated.

Starting with her relationship with Stiles.

They're both very attached to each other.
But neither of them will confess it to the other one.

Malia came.

And  C h a o s  came and happened.

|| "We survived an Alpha pack, a Dark Druid, a Kanima, a psychopath Alpha, a Nogitsune, professional assassins... We can survive Dread Doctors and Chimeras, too." ||

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@dylanOpsycho *whispers* please don't read this; it's badly written
teenwolfforever64 teenwolfforever64 Aug 30, 2016
This is a great Playlist it has amazing songs although not a big fan of 1D -don't kill me- and I'll check out the instrumentals
teenwolfforever64 teenwolfforever64 Aug 06, 2016
This is so good. It's a great opener, I have many questions and I know they'll be answered soon but I can't wait to see how Claudia's story goes
miss--audrey miss--audrey Aug 13, 2016
Whaouh that sentence is just perfect 😍
                              I already love this book !!!! This is such a good opening and already so much suspense 😍😍