1 • Under the rain [s.s]

1 • Under the rain [s.s]

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mrs. stilinski By cutiefandobhaz Updated 4 days ago

In Beacon Hills coincidence don't exists.
But supernatural do.

They fought against a psychopath Alpha, a Kanima, a dark druid, an Alpha pack, and a Nogitsune.

Claudia was like Stiles, a human.

She discovered she is more than that, and everything got more complicated.

Starting with her relationship with Stiles.

They're both very attached to each others.
But neither of them will confess it to the other one.

Then Malia came.

And C h a o s came and happened.

[Teen Wolf season 4 and 5]
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I DO NOT own Teen Wolf.
I own Claudia and the storyline.

teenwolfforever64 teenwolfforever64 Aug 30, 2016
This is a great Playlist it has amazing songs although not a big fan of 1D -don't kill me- and I'll check out the instrumentals
- - Aug 05, 2016
Awww babyyyy you made me so happy 😄😄😄😄😃❤ and sry if i didn't talk to you for so long, I was on vacation for 4 weeks. Again thank you ❤❤