Under the rain [s.s] {Book 1}

Under the rain [s.s] {Book 1}

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[⚠ this story evolves pretty fastly, if you don't like it please don't read it ⚠]

Book 1.

Stiles Stilinski.
He's seventeen, soon eighteen.
His mom is dead and his dad is the Sheriff of Beacon Hills.
Since he's 3 he has a best friend: Scott McCall.
He met this girl after his mother's death -whom is also called Claudia.
It shocked him when he met her but he gave her a chance and now she's his best friend, and his crush.
It's when he decided to date Malia -to forget his feelings for Claudia- that his relationship with his best friend got complicated.

Claudia Rose.
She's seventeen but soon eighteen.
Her parents are divorced, she doesn't know why, by the way.
But she knows that something is wrong, she knows it's because of her dad.
Before her parents divorced, two years ago, when she was fifteen, before Scott turned into a werewolf, everything was good.
But when Stiles started to date Malia, everything fell apart.
And she discovered she is more than a simple human. 
She is.. More than a human.

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This is a great Playlist it has amazing songs although not a big fan of 1D -don't kill me- and I'll check out the instrumentals
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