Her Innocent Ways  [ ON HOLD.....Editing ]

Her Innocent Ways [ ON HOLD.....Editing ]

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Quoi By -TeDdYbEaR Updated Jul 13, 2017

Penelope has one word to describe her, is sweet. At only 23 She was once in love but it ended tragicly. She was just to innocent there was always guys throwing them selfs at her  wanting her attention besides she was beautiful, a curvy body, full pink plump lips and beautiful curly hair with a nice tan.
She would always deny any guy that would throw themselves at her. She was a sweet person always meeting new people always complementing them she was a ball of sunshine you would never see her frown or cry she could make a persons day better with just a smile.

Hunter was what you can evil always kept a cold mask to anyone and everyone he's never happy never smiled and was never satisfied 
He was a God a sharp jawline, curly black hair, striking gray eyes with green and blue specks, and a killer body. 
He's never been in a relationship or had flings,he never had time for them being in charge of the biggest companies all around the world.

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YasOhMy YasOhMy Nov 11, 2017
Chan is short for Channing?
                              That's the worst abbreviation I've seen for that name.
aliyah_____ aliyah_____ Sep 23, 2017
I’m sorry😂😂😂 Thats what I pictured being at the end of that sentence. 😂😂😂
babyporter babyporter Feb 13
One of my older brothers is named Marko but his real name is Markolino
kookiemoster3 kookiemoster3 Aug 17, 2017
Is she a weeaboo or sth da foq chan desu kawaii
                              This is beyond cringe help me.
WolfsAreAwesome1 WolfsAreAwesome1 Apr 13, 2017
If that was me, I'd brush that stray strand of hair away. Pisses me off when my hair gets in my face.
littlebitch1024 littlebitch1024 Jun 30, 2017
My 'friend' said that I look like a Penelope and she calls me to get me angry cuz she know I don't like being called that