Glory of the Midnight Sun✓

Glory of the Midnight Sun✓

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The moon hid behind the clouds, the wind refused to blow and the mountains trembled at the sight in front of them. Fates were being erased, rewritten and joined. Destiny was being decided and souls were being interlocked.

Fariya Ali Sikandar. A heartbreakingly beautiful woman with an even beautiful heart. 

Omer Ahmad Lashari. A breathtakingly handsome man with a stone in place of a heart.

In a Muslim family in Pakistan, Fariya is a girl with heart as big as an ocean. She has dreams and aspirations. What happens when a man comes out of nowhere and crushes her dreams with his cold words and dark eyes? Will love ever bloom between the two or will they always remain as distant as the sun and the moon?

A beautiful and alluring tale of a love which sets your life on fire and quench the flames simultaneously.

Cover Credits: hershey-z

  • 3rdperson
  • betrayal
  • business
  • family
  • forced
  • love
  • loveaftermarriage
  • pain
  • pakistan
  • past
  • romance
  • thebigmuslimwriterscontest2016
awomayna awomayna Jun 06, 2017
                              This story needs suitable ending
                              It put me in suspense though
                              Quiet Intriguing
Hamna-Sohail Hamna-Sohail Oct 04, 2017
This type of friendship is best 😍 guess what? I love this book more than i can ever imagine and i will enjoy it again ❤❤❤
sidneysmith2 sidneysmith2 Aug 08, 2017
How old are you?? Cause if your as young as I was when I wrote my book then wow your good
DecisiveDreamer DecisiveDreamer Aug 04, 2017
Wow, I already love Omer. He sounds very intelligent and seems like a family man :)
xxidiota xxidiota Apr 01, 2017
aw man they're cousins though 😭
                              don't ship it as much anymore 😶
sidneysmith2 sidneysmith2 Aug 08, 2017
Like another book using the same characters like make them go through other changes and make it repayable like you did this but great job I loved it very inertaing and each chapter left you on a cliff hanger